To install Jas3, first make sure Java is installed on your machine. If it is not, you can download the latest version from Oracle web site. Version 1.7 or later is required to run Jas3. We also recommend against using OpenJDK Runtime Environment at this time.

If you have used 0.X.X versions of Jas 3 in the past, please delete the Jas 3 application data directory (~/.JAS3) before installing the current version of Jas 3.

Download the latest Jas3 distribution

and unpack it into the directory where you want Jas3 to be installed. The launch scripts are in the jas-assembly-3.2.11 directory - please choose the one appropriate for your platform. The distribution contains a minimal set of built-in plugins. Once you start Jas3, additional plugins can be downloaded through the plugin manager (View - Plugin Manager). If you wish to install a typical set of extensions required by most users, please select the "Jas 3 Standard Extensions" plugin.

If Java Web Start is enabled on your machine, single click installation of Jas3 with a minimal set of extensions is also available.

Older releases of Jas3 can be downloaded from Maven repository. Earlier beta releases are also available.

The latest development version can be downloaded for testing and evaluation purposes. Note that the development version is updated frequently, may produce diagnostic output, and may behave differently from the production version. Use at your own risk.