Release Notes

Jas 3.2.10

Updated vector graphics package to work correctly under Java 9 and later.

Jas 3.2.4 through 3.2.8

Jas 3 core:
  • Enhancements to the framework used for developing customized applications based on Jas3.

Jas 3.2.3

Bug fix release that resolves an issue with incorrect axis labels generation by the plotter under certain conditions.

Jas 3.2.2

Maintenance release.

Jas 3.2.1

Jas 3 core:
  • Enhancements to application framework used for developing customized applications based on Jas3.
  • JRE 1.7 is no longer supported.

Jas 3.1.3

Jas 3 core:
  • Added "Docked Frames" page manager that allows displaying pages as tabs or independent frames.
  • Enhancements to application framework used for developing customized applications based on Jas3.

Jas 3.1.2

  • Includes a number of enhancements to the Jas 3 API designed to provide additional functionality to the plugin developers.

Jas 3.1.1

  • Assures compatibility with recent JRE releases whose version numbers do no follow the standard scheme. If the Java runtime version reported by the system through the java.version property is not in major[.minor][.incremental][-qualifier][-build] format, Jas 3 will load plugins without checking java version compatibility requirements specified in their descriptors.
  • Improves handling of application properties.

Jas 3.1.0

Jas 3 core:
  • Addressed numerous compatibility issues caused by recent changes in Oracle JRE and Java Web Start software.
  • Addressed OS X compatibility issues. OS X extensions are excluded from the standard distribution, but can be downloaded through the plugin manager.
  • JRE 1.6 is no longer supported.
  • Improvements in functionality accessible through the Jas 3 Help menu.
  • Improved reporting of exceptions thrown by external code loaded into Jas 3.
  • Addressed several performance issues related to interactions between threads run by Jas 3.
  • Miscellaneous minor fixes and improvements.
  • Additional documentation.
Plugin Manager:
  • Made sure that newly installed plugins are loaded correctly and their various initialization methods are called in correct order independent of the installation scenario.
  • Improved an ability to load plugins without restarting Jas 3.
  • Changes to handling of libraries found in extensions directories but not claimed by any installed plugins. By default, these libraries are ignored when the application starts, but can be loaded or deleted through the plugin manager dialog. The user is warned when unclaimed libraries are detected. The default behavior can be changed through the plugin manager preferences.

Jas 3.0.10

Jas 3 core:
  • Added automated restart capability.
Plugin Manager:
  • Enabled loading plugin descriptors found on the classpath.
  • Modified plugins update logic to simplify creating fixed and customized distributions.
  • Error details are now reported if the plugin manager fails to initialize.
Web Start:
  • Fixed several problems caused by recent changes in Java Web Start software and Oracle JRE.

Jas 3.0.6

Jas 3 core:
  • Improved reporting of errors in loaded user's code.
Web Start:
  • Updated for compatibility with JRE 1.7.0-51 and later.

Jas 3.0.5

  • Fix several GUI issues.

Jas 3.0.4

Jas 3 core:
  • Fixed several thread safety issues that could affect performance and occasionally cause the application to stop responding.
  • Errors at the application initialization stage are now correctly reported.
Flashing Node Plugin:
  • Initialization bug is fixed. The plugin is now loaded at the application startup.
Plugin manager:
  • New options for handling libraries found in the application extensions directories but not referenced by any installed plugins:
    • Remove. Unclaimed library files are deleted on the application startup.
    • Ignore. Unclaimed library files are not deleted but classes they contain remain inaccessible to the application. It is possible to load or delete these libraries later through the plugin manager.
    • Load. Libraries found in extensions directories are added to the classpath whether or not they are claimed by any installed plugins. This can be convenient when developing new plugins, but it may affect application performance and result in unpredictable behavior, depending on the content of the loaded libraries.
    • Prompt (default). The user is prompted every time unclaimed libraries are detected.
  • Missing libraries referenced by installed plugins can now be automatically downloaded. If Jas 3 is configured to download the list of available plugins at the application startup, missing plugins required by any of the active installed plugins can also be automatically downloaded and installed.
  • The preference page now has an option for ignoring snapshot versions of available plugins.
  • Libraries are added to the classpath on "as needed" basis. At any point in its life cycle, an active plugin can be in one of the following states:
    • Broken (due to missing libraries or dependencies, or due to initialization errors). Indicated by "broken" icon.
    • Not loaded. Libraries are not on the classpath. Indicated by grayed out title.
    • Not started. Libraries are on the classpath, the main class is not instantiated. Indicated by "stopped" icon.
    • Started. An instance of the main class has been created and initialized.
    Plugins that do not specify LoadAtStart property in their descriptors can be loaded and started through the plugin manager dialog.
  • Machinery for blacklisting plugins has been added. Several obsolete plugins have been blacklisted and will no longer show up in list of available plugins.
Preferences plugin:
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect behavior of the preferences dialog when a node that does not have a preference page associated with it is selected.
Compiler plugin:
  • Fixed a bug that prevented loading classes that are not in the default package through the editor popup menu. Manually loading superclasses in order to load a subclass is no longer necessary.
Record loop plugin:
  • Details of errors in client code invoked by record loop listeners are now reported, and the user is given a chance to pause or stop event processing at that point.

Jas 3.0.3

Jas 3 core:
  • Fixed an issue where exceptions thrown by plugins were not properly reported to the user.
Plugin manager:
  • Some non-standard but occasionally used library name and version formats (like are now recognized and correctly processed by the plugin manager. Note that even though Jas3 can now handle these formats, Maven cannot. Depending on the version of Maven you use to build a plugin, you might get an error message, or you might have multiple versions of the same library included in the list of dependencies. If at all possible, name the libraries according to the name-major[.minor][.incremental][-qualifier][-build] scheme.
  • Library recognition logic is improved - takes full advantage of maven manifests embedded in arbitrarily named jars installed into the extensions directory by means other than the plugin manager.
  • Fixed an issue with dynamically updating lists of available and installed plugins in the plugin manager dialog.

Jas 3.0.2

  • Webstart launcher is now available.
  • Plugin Manager: improved handling of libraries where the version supplied by maven manifest is not in a correct format.

Jas 3.0.1

  • Enhancements to the project web site.

Jas 3.0.0

The first official production release.

Unlike earlier versions, 3.0.0 contains only the minimal set of built-in plugins. All extensions can be downloaded through the plugin manager. If you wish to install a set of plugins roughly equivalent to the default distribution of JAS 3 earlier versions, select "JAS 3 Standard Extensions" plugin.

Note that some of the older plugins might not work with JAS 3.0.0 since their plugin descriptors (PLUGIN-inf/plugins.xml files) do not contain all required libraries. It is recommended that you wipe out your JAS 3 extensions directories before updating to 3.0.0. Compatible versions of most plugins maintained by the JAS 3 team have been released and are available through the plugin manager.