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The JAS source code is now all stored in CVS, and can be accessed in read-only mode using any CVS client.

Browse the Code on the Web

If you only want to look at the code the easiest way is to just access the web browsable source code. This is implemented using the jCVS servlet and will allow you to:

  • Look at the latest version of all the source files
  • See what has changed relative to earlier releases
  • Link from the source code to the documentation
  • Download all or a part of the source code as a ZIP file

Use a CVS Client

Here is the information you will need to access the source code using a CVS client:

protocol: pserver
cvsroot: /cvs/jas
userid: anoncvs
password: jascvs
module: jas

Note, it is recommended that you fetch a specific tagged release, as there is no guarantee that the latest code will run or even compile. If you are using csh on unix here are the relevant commands:

setenv CVSROOT
cvs login
CVS Password: jascvs
cvs co -r v2_2_5 jas

For windows users the equivalent commands are: (if you do not already have cvs.exe on your system you can download it from here).

cvs login
CVS Password: jascvs
cvs co -r v2_2_5 jas

The userid and password given here will give you read-only access to the repository. If you would like to contribute to the project and feel you need read/write access please contact

Once you have downloaded the code you may want to build it, see the Building JAS Yourself page for more information.

Page last updated: Wednesday, January 14, 2004 by SLAC\tonyj